Auditory/Oral School of New York

The Auditory/Oral School of NY was founded to offer the option of an auditory-oral education to hearing -impaired and deaf children in New York. Our warm and professional staff is dedicated to meeting the individual educational and developmental needs of each of our children. The services at AOSNY include parent-infant, early intervention and preschool programs, family training and support groups, counseling, individual speech and listening therapy, audiological services, physical, occupational and sensory integration therapy as well as comprehensive multidisciplinary evaluations. Our specialized quality education using the auditory/oral approach, through an exciting, interactive, cognitive, social curriculum, helps hearing impaired children develop their potential as oral communicators. Our children are encouraged to rely on their ability, NOT their disability.

2164 Ralph Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11234

(718)531-1800 - Pnina Bravmann


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